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Dance Troupe

Junior Dance (Years 1 -3)
Junior Dance Troupe is an opportunity for students to learn about rhythm, beat and how to coordinate their body movements to music. Students learn basic routines and eventually combine these routines in a specific order to form a full dance performance. Although this performance may be fairly simple, it teaches participants coordination, cooperation and how to encourage others within a group while getting fit and having fun!

Senior Dance (Years 4-6)
Senior Dance is a considerate step up in skills from Junior Dance Troupe. Students engage in more complicated movements and routines that combine fitness, coordination, stage presence, theatre and attitude! Routines are usually themed and particular styles of dance are taught including, jazz ballet, funk, hip hop, big band, tap, and disco. Dundas Senior Dance has a reputation for outstanding routines demonstrating high levels of dance discipline, tight coordination and entertaining performances!