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Uniform Shop

Uniform orders can be placed using the FlexiSchools app (available from the App Store or Google Play).

Alternatively, you can email the below order form to 


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Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday morning 8:30am - 9:30am.

A school uniform is required at Dundas Public School. We have a Summer uniform, Winter uniform and a Sport uniform. All school uniform needs are available from the school uniform shop.

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform is worn in terms 1 & 4. The girls' summer uniform is the school grey and white check dress with white ankle socks. The boys' summer uniform is a grey embroidered, short sleeve shirt, grey shorts and grey socks with a yellow stripes. All children are to wear the school's hat. A school jacket with logo can be worn on colder days.

Winter Uniform

The winter uniform is worn in terms 2 & 3. Girls wear a tunic/slacks with the school check pattern and a lemon long sleeve blouse. Socks and tights are grey. Boys wear a embroidered grey long sleeve shirt with grey trousers and grey socks with a yellow stripe. The school hat is also worn.

Sports Uniform

Sports uniform is for both girls and boys and should be worn on sports days only. Girls are to wear a black and gold polo shirt with either a black skort or black shorts and white ankle socks. Boys are to wear a black and gold polo shirt, black shorts and white ankle socks. Black sports shoes are to be worn with the sports uniform.

Second Hand Uniforms

We do stock some second hand items as well. If you are leaving the school, please consider donating your uniform to the shop for resale as second hand.


The uniform shop is situated in the Devlin Building.

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